Monkees, Mosquitoes, Bugaloos, Bradys…and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

I was thinking about how much the Trixie Belden series influenced me in my creating the Arts-Angels, and it got me to thinking about The Scooby-Doo Mysteries!  Remember that episode where the Mystery Machine gang met up with Josie and the Pussycats?  I enjoy imagining what it might be like if Trixie’s mystery-solving club, The Bob-Whites, met up with my main character Gina’s band, the Arts-Angels, in some kind of mystery!

But remembering Josie and the Pussycats also got me to remembering all the shows I used to love as a kid and how many of them were music or band-based.  I watched a lot of shows in syndication (since many were before my time) but getting to see them 5 days a week was a great way to become an instant fan.  I loved watching reruns of The Partridge Family, The Monkees, and the Bugaloos (which were a special obsession of mine for a while back when I had a crush on “IQ” the blond Bugaloo).

And you wanna know something?  ALL of those shows had really great music!  Remembering THAT got me to trolling YouTube to find samples of that music.  And here’s what I found!

The Partridge Family’s “I Think Love You”:

The Bugaloos’  “Senses of Our World”:

Trippy show, but I always loved the harmonies of the Bugaloos and was intrigued by their strange and magical world (and the evil Benita Bizarre who was always out to destroy them or posess them.  Hmmm.  Perhaps there is a little Benita in Willa?)

The Monkees’ “(Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow)”

Picking a Monkees’ song was extra hard because they have so many good ones!

One thing I also really liked seeing on TV, too, was when a show that was usually NOT ordinarily based on music suddenly introduced a musical element into an episode.  It was great when Marcia Brady from the Brady Bunch met Davy Jones from the Monkees, but I really loved it when the Brady Bunch kids entered a talent show to try to win a prize for their parents:

The Brady Bunch, “Sunshine Day” and “Keep on Dancing”:

And last, but not least, who could forget when the women of Gilligan’s Island created a trio they dubbed “The Honeybees” and tried to impress the Beatles-like band “The Mosquitoes” (AKA Bingo, Bango, Bongo and Irving) with their song “You Need Me”?

Mrs. Howell cracks me up!


I hope you enjoyed this little trip down Nostalgia Avenue (just down the way from Memory   Lane)!  And if any of this was new to you, I hope you enjoyed listening to some great music!



Hey, New York Times, Look Over Here!

Yesterday, the New York Times published an article about how Latino kids are still having trouble finding fiction with Latino characters in them–especially MAIN characters. Latino kids have a hard time especially finding fun, commercial-type adventurous fiction with characters who remind them of themselves. You can read that here:

Well, I have something for the Latina tween in this dilemma. And today on, you can read an exclusive interview with me where I talk all about my new series: The Arts-Angels, and about my Nuyorican background. Here THAT link:

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did answering the questions!  And then go visit Amazon or Barnes and Noble and pick a copy for yourself or for the young Latina (or non-Latina) in your life who loves music and the arts!  Links below:

Thanks, everyone!

Girls Rockin’ the X-Factor

Okay, okay.  Carly Rose Sonneclar can do no wrong! That girl has incredible talent.  She is a star!  What a voice!  Do I think she should win?  Of course.  Listen to her amazing vocal control.  She does NOT sound 13, even though she is obviously very young:

HOWEVER…I gotta say, I’m lovin’ the whole Fifth Harmony thing.   Even though I know Simon is really pushing hard to make stars out of his attempt at an American/Female One Direction. Why?   I love that these girls are working together instead of being catty, and that they each have their own unique sound.  And I must admit, I especially like that they are beautiful girls of color!

One Direction didn’t win the X-Factor in England, and it didn’t hurt their fame or success.  The same can happen with Fifth Harmony if they are handled right.  I don’t need them to win…but I would like them to come close!

Sing it, sisters!

In other news…

I was at my chiropractor the other day and briefly spoke with the other chiropractor who shares the same office.  I’ve known him forever.  He began telling me about his two talented kids who are of  tween and teen age and I discovered that his son got accepted into LaGuardia High School for Music and the Arts–BUT he’s a musician who got in for Art, instead music, like he wanted, even though he’s quite talented musically! Sound familiar?  This is JUST LIKE what happens to, GINA SANTIAGO, the main character of DRAWN TO YOU!   I also learned that the chiropractor’s daughter is a DRUMMER who would like to get into LaGuardia when her time comes.  Don’t they sound like a cool brother and sister?  Maybe THEY should start their own band together….  I autographed a book for her.  May she rock her destiny!

Wanna rock your Kindle?  Track 1 is now an e-book! (Available on Amazon and other digital book sellers.  See below!)   Nook version should be out soon, too!

Coming up this December: A LOT more posts from me: including upcoming interviews with some of your favorite authors!  Look out for interviews with the author of that epic UNFAIRY TALE series, Anna Staniszewski;  Anjali Banerjee, author of MAYA RUNNING, LOOKING FOR BAPU and SEAGLASS SUMMER, and Helene Boudreau of REAL MERMAIDS fame!

Keep coming by!