First Fifty!

I have no sent out 50 free copies to young readers who have agreed to read DRAWN TO YOU and give me feedback.  These are strong, vibrant, smart young girls who love to read and getting involved in things that are important to them!  I will always be grateful to them for their assistance.

If you check out my website:, you will see that some of the girls have already responded.  I even received a collage from one reader!  Keep the artwork coming!  And if you want to send a video or a link to one where you are acting, singing, or dancing, it may end up posted on the website as well…  🙂

In the meantime, some people have been asking me questions about DRAWN TO YOU, like, what does Craig Hall look like, really?

Craig Hall, for those of you who don’t know, is the heartthrob of the band.  He is supposed to be stunningly good looking.  He has wavy, blondish-gold hair and incredibly blue eyes.  But in the end, I want the reader to picture him however they imagine a really handsome guy to look like.

To some people, that might be Justin Bieber, others, Johnny Depp.

When I was in junior high, two pop stars I thought were really, really good looking were Morten Harket from a-ha:

and John Taylor from Duran-Duran:

(Maybe some of you noticed that another character from DRAWN TO YOU, ballerina Sage, has the same last name as Morten!  That was a little homage to my JHS days….)

But if you’re a reader and want Craig to look like all the best bits of the Boys from One Direction,  I’m totally okay with that, too! 

Sometimes I picture Craig as looking like a young version of model Gabriel Aubry.  Gabriel has the name of an Archangel, after all, and Gabriel IS Craig’s real first name (which you would know if you read the book).  Plus, there was this Macy’s commercial which shows in a nutshell the kind of reaction Craig gets around school.  Check it out:

it’s too funny!

I wish my First Fifty Happy Reading!


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