The X-Factor

Are you ready to discover more stars? With a debut episode that introduced the world to Carly Rose Sonenclar, Emblem 3, Jennel Garcia (gotta love her name), and the promising Reed Demming, the X-Factor has started with a super-nova. I can’t imagine their finding even more talented young people than they already have. This is an exciting season already with some real talent (especially in the teen category). Some of these kids should have their own book series! Loved seeing 13 year-old Carly take to the stage with more confidence than Judy Garland! And to discover that Emblem 3 writes their own songs and plays their own instruments–and even dared debut one of their own songs to audition with! And yeah, it totally paid off. They could probably just get their own TV show without having to win X-Factor at all.

Lookin’ forward to Wednesday….


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